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# Domain & Hosting:
Domain : .com/.net Domain Free for 1 year
Hosting : 1 GB

# Software Feature:
# Admin Panel Operation:
Admin panel access ( super admin, admin, editor, author )
User create edit delete
Profile edit and password change

General Setting (Add, Edit, Delete)

General Setting (Add, Edit, Delete)

Class (Add, Edit, Delete)

Institute or branch (Add, Edit, Delete)

Session (Add, Edit, Delete)

Batch (Add, Edit, Delete)

Student (Add, Edit, Delete)


Attendance list Filtering (Date wise)

Payment (Add, Edit, Delete)

Payment List

Payment Due list

Exam (Add, Edit, Delete)

Result sms to student

Notice (Add, Edit, Delete) Sms to all student

# Student Panel Operation:

Student Login

Profile Edit

Password change 

Forget Password

All exam result show

Payment History


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